BlueIQ: Enables Doctors To Grow Their Practice Through Data Automation

"Quickly Transform Your Data Into a

Practice Dashboard

That Accelerates Profits by finding hidden revenue, filling your schedule, automates your daily tasks..."
(Without having to hire or rely on extra team members!)

Changing The Lives Of Chiropractors

Join the 2500+ Members who are actively using BlueIQ to easily track their numbers and build a team driven practice that impacts the world!

100.5K          $100M         200%       $800M

  Patient Files Analyzed          In Growth Opportunities            Avg Growth            Collections Processed

What Is A Practice Dashboard...?

BlueIQ Automates Your Data Connecting The Right Training To The Right Team Member.

Yes, BlueIQ was created so that Doctors like you, who aren't business analysts, who don't want to spend hours pulling reports can easily create beautiful dashboards at their fingertips, to grow their practice 
Let me show you how it works:
  • BlueIQ combs through your data, finding patients most likely to fill your schedule 
  • ​​BlueIQ connects team members to their data, creating a team driven practice (so you aren't the only one driving practice growth)
  • ​BlueIQ mines your data for hidden revenues

BlueIQ Gives You The Tools And Strategies You Need In One Convenient Spot!

Yes, BlueIQ Gives You The Tools And Strategies You Need To Know Your Numbers, Engage Team Members, Grow Your Practice. 
  • Easy Multi-Data Connection
  • Simple To Create Dashboards
  • Your Data Goes Mobile On Apple And Android
  • ​Share Only The Data You Want To Share
  • ​100% HIPAA Compliant

Analyze Your Data Across All Locations

Do you own multiple locations? Connect all your locations and access them with one login. Roll up your data  and drill into it with your enterprise view. 


BlueIQ Connects to your patient management system, Quickbooks, Google analytics, Facebook and much more to take control of your practice growth. Save 5-10 hours a week, increase profits by 20-200%, find patients falling through the cracks.
During Your FREE Profitability Breakthrough We Will Show You
  • Last years: We will review last years data and show you how you did compared to industry averages.
  • Missed Opportunities: Our powerful data engine will sort through your data and show you last years missed opportunities and their value.
  • This years potential: We can show you this years potential by taking advantage of those opportunities and how that impacts your collections!

Fast     Secure     Powerful

  • 1000+: Practices analyzed
  • Over $200 Million: in discovered opportunities
  • 20 - 200 %: In revenue growth 
Are Your Practice's Profits Optimized
How Is Your Practice Performing Agains Industry Best Practice
Uncover Hidden Revenues
Find Patients Slipping Through The Cracks
How Do I Get My Free Practice Profitability Assessment?
With 4 easy steps:
  • Step 1: Click on the button below
  • Step 2: Pick a time for our team to install our HIPAA Compliant Data Pusher
  • Step 3: Wait 24 hrs for your data to be processed and analyzed by our team
  • Step 4: Connect on a zoom screen share and receive your practice profitability analysis
The Solution to Practice Growth
The Business of Practice Made Simple
  • Your Most Important Data: BlueIQ automatically calculates your key practice numbers so you know where your focus needs to be.
  • Hidden Revenues: See yesterdays missed opportunities and today's upcoming opportunities to collect money and schedule more patients
  • Reactivation Lists: Don't let your front desk get overwhelmed. With our automated list generation of your patients that are going inactive. Your time can focus on a small group every day to get them back on the schedule.
  • Manage Your Overhead:  With our quickbooks connection you can quickly see supply budgets, payroll reports and daily profits. 
  • Accessibility: With our secure data pusher, your data is safely in the cloud and can be accessed from any browser or mobile device. 
Your Data Goes Mobile
  • Iphone and Android: Your Practice in your pocket
  • Stats Made Simple: Immediately see your practices growth drivers with our top 4 Key Performance Indicators
  • Drill down: With a simple touch drill into each Key Performance Indicator in your practice to see where you need to put your time and attention
  • Accessibility: Swipe right or left to see your past and future data
  • Know Your Operational Costs: BlueIQ connects to Quickbooks online, google analytics and facebook so you KNOW YOUR NUMBERS
  • Improve Your Practice IQ: With instant access to IQ University you can train anytime day or night on your practice IQ 
  • Work ON Your Practice Instead Of Always IN It:  With cloud access you can assess your practice from anywhere. Have more than 1 locations? We connect you to ALL of them with 1 simple login
"This has made it so much easier to work ON the practice instead of always IN the practice."

Dr. DeRamus -TX
"My team is so much more engaged in the performance of our practice!"

Dr. Beau - CA
"We have seen our collections go up by 40%! My team now knows exactly how to help us grow."

Dr. J. Prax - VA
"We literally doubled our collections in 6 months!"

Dr. Murgatroyd - GA
Who Is BlueIQ?
Cory M. Frogley DC - Co-Founder and CEO
Dr. Cory is the son of H. Ron Frogley, the executive vice president to David Palmer during the  late 1960's and early 70's. Dr. Cory was born in Davenport Iowa and became the 6th Chiropractor along 5 of his brothers. Chiropractic is not just a profession to the Frogley family, it is a passion. 

After building several seven figure practices Dr. Frogley joined his business partners and began consulting. Frustrated with traditional models of helping practice owners improve their profitability they knew there had to be a better way. 

That is when the idea for BlueIQ was born. Now, after working with over 1000 practices who have seen significant jumps in practice profitability thanks to BlueIQ's we have dialed in the secret formula that highly profitable practices are using. 

Dr. Frogley's mission is to give the gift of profitability to everyone using Chirotouch so our profession can grow and give the gift of chiropractic to more patients. That is how BlueIQ came to be.
Meet The Team
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