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May 18th - June 12th

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Learn what THRIVING Chiropractors 
are doing to Come Back Stronger! 

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Week 1

Marketing Training

Dr. Cory Frogley,DC 
CEO of BlueIQ

Dr. Jason Deitch,DC  
CEO of Amplified Living

Dr.Michael McCracken,DC

Blueprint To Practice Automation

 Dr. Beau Pierce,DC
 Circle of Docs

  • 3 Things Thriving Chiropractors are Doing to Come Back Stronger!
  • ​ Why knowing your numbers is the only way to grow your bottom line!
  • 4 Steps to Marketing & Social Media Success!
  • ​ Learn to Grow, Scale and Market your Practice!
  • ​ Increasing Case Acceptance by Automating your Patient Education
  • Emergency Marketing with 10X Intelligence

Week 2

Front Desk Training

Dr. Stephen Franson,DC
CEO The Remarkable Practice

Dr. Fred DiDomenico,DC
Elite Coaching

Scott Hallman
2 Time Inc. 500 Company Founder, CEO, #1 Best Selling Author

 Lori Allen
Author,National Speaker
Practice Management Expert & Advisor

  • The Phoenix Plan: 3 Stage Action Plan to Get Your Practice Back On Track After Covid!
  •  The "Psychology" Pandemic Moving patients from FEAR into a LIFESTYLE CULTURE!
  •  The 7 COVID-19 Practice Impact Areas, How to Successfully Navigate Through the Crisis...And Build an Even Stronger Practice! 
  • If you don't know your numbers, you don't know your business. 4 Strategies for growth!

Week 3

Drive Your Production

Dr. Nick Silveri,DC

Dr. Tony DeRamus,DC
Best Selling Author, Speaker, 
Parker Chiropractor of the Year, Founder Sandstone Health

Brian Capra,DC
Genesis Chiropractic Billing Software

Dr. Reza Alizadeh,DC
 Founder LifeClinics 

  • Why Content Marketing is your Key to Growth Right Now!
  • Is this your First Pandemic? Stay stressed or Reset for Growth Opportunities!
  • What you Need To Know and Don’t Need To Know in Understanding the Insurance Game!
  •  Define, Refine, and Align your Why!

Week 4

Ramp Up Your Collections

Dr. Alex Vidan,DC
 Life Vision

Dr. Miles Bodzin,DC 
Cash Practice

Dr. Todd Cevene,DC
Medicare Expert

Dr. Fab Mancini
Best Selling Author/Speaker, 
Media Expert

  • Bring out your Inner Leader: Bounce back stronger than ever!
  • The King of Patient Loyalty Presents: Care Plan Memberships for Office Stability!
  •  The Practical Profit Focused Playbook!
  •  Effective Communication to Engage, Attract and and Reposition as the Essential Doctor!

What Is...

The COVID-19
30 Day 
Recovery Challenge??

Chiros Ignite COVID-19 Rebound Stronger Challenge 
will give you and your team 20+virtually unknown secrets to bouncing back with confidence! 

Get back to your normal office hours with great energy and fill your practice with dream patients! 

This 30 Days Accelerated Challenge will give you the skills necessary for massive success!!

  • Why knowing your numbers is the only way to grow your bottom line.
  • ​Know your bare minimum operating expenses. 
  •  Set specific Profit Goals for the next 30 days with a Road map of how to achieve it. 
  •  Implement a post COVID scheduling framework so you can learn how to schedule more profitability. 

Get Back on Track & Reach Your Goals for 2020!

Invite Your Friends To Join! 

So, Here's How The 
Challenge Works...

  The 30 Day challenge is FREE to join! 
  This includes Daily Videos & Tips + live Training (Friday afternoons) where *Prizes will be given out!

  30 Day Challenge Tracking
  1.New Patient Metrics Pre-Covid Numbers & Now.
  2.Total Scheduled Appointments Pre-Covid & Now (Building future appointments)
  3.Total production Pre-Covid & Now.
  4.Tracking your Total Weekly Collections Pre-Covid & Now.
  *Practices with the Highest % Growth will win prizes at the end of each week! 

Valued Over $30,000
to Help Your Business Grow!! 

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